What Are the Minimum Order Quantities for Pet Supplement Manufacturing?

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If you’re new to pet supplement manufacturing or looking to expand your product offerings, minimum order quantities (MOQs) are top of mind. Many pet supplement manufacturers set a high MOQ, making getting started daunting, if not impossible.

MOQs influence production decisions and budgeting strategies. For a supplement manufacturer, these quantities must make financial sense. For customers looking for a private labeling or contract manufacturing partner, your company's needs must match a manufacturer's offerings and MOQs.

This article defines MOQs in the content of pet supplements, looks at average MOQ ranges across the market, factors that influence them, and possible strategies to negotiate.

What Are Minimum Order Quantities In The Context Of Pet Supplements?

MOQs in pet supplement manufacturing refer to the smallest quantity of any particular product that can be purchased in a single order. Essentially, MOQs set the minimum volume threshold necessary to justify the resources, time, and expenses associated with production.

The next logical question is: which factors influence minimum order quantities in this dynamic industry? 

  • Production capacity: Manufacturers must consider their capabilities to efficiently produce and fulfill orders while keeping profits in mind. 

  • Materials and ingredients: Specific ingredients or components may be subject to seasonal availability or supply chain constraints.

  • Formula: More intricate or specialized products might require higher order quantities to justify production costs. 

  • Market demand: Manufacturers adjust production volumes to meet anticipated sales projections and avoid excess inventory.

  • Product format: Powders and capsules tend to have lower MOQs than more complex formats like chews or treats.

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Average MOQ Ranges in Pet Supplement Manufacturing

Average ranges can vary widely in this industry, depending on the abovementioned factors and smaller versus larger manufacturers. However, here is a general range you might expect to see as you shop around:

  • Low MOQ manufacturers: These cater to startups or small businesses and can start at minimum orders of around 800 units.

  • Standard MOQ manufacturers: Most manufacturers fall in this range, with MOQs between 5,000 and 25,000 units.

  • High MOQ manufacturers: These cater to larger brands and established businesses, with minimum orders exceeding 25,000 units.

However, startups or established companies looking to break into the market with a new product often find even this average “low” range challenging. At Pet Tech Labs, we measure many of our products by pounds rather than units, as we’ve found this allows more brands to gain their footing. 

And remember, the type of product can make a difference, with capsules or powders often having lower MOQs than chews or syrups, for example.

Elements Affecting MOQ Decisions in Pet Supplement Manufacturing

Now, let’s take a closer look at certain components that impact MOQs in the pet supplement industry. 


Rarity and availability of pet supplement ingredients, such as those that are less common or require specific sourcing, are likely to have higher MOQs. Organic or specialty ingredients might also have higher order requirements.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Batch size and equipment affect how pet supplement manufacturers set MOQs. Equipment designed for specific batch sizes might require more setup or manual intervention, making smaller batches less cost-effective. Similarly, complex formulas often have higher MOQs due to the specialized equipment and procedures involved in their production.

Production Scheduling

MOQs might be used by manufacturers to optimize their product scheduling, meaning they group smaller orders together to create a more efficient production run and allow them to lower MOQs for smaller companies.

Demand Forecasting

Pet supplement manufacturers try to predict future demand for their products. If they anticipate high future demand for a particular supplement, they might be more willing to accept a lower MOQ for an initial order.

Manufacturer-Customer Relationship

Existing relationships and potential for future business can influence MOQs. Manufacturers might be more flexible with minimum orders for established customers or those showing long-term commitment. Building a trusting partnership with a manufacturer might also give you room to negotiate MOQs.

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Managing Inventory and Budget with High MOQs

Running into high MOQs as you look to work with a pet supplement manufacturer can be frustrating, but there are several ways to navigate these challenges. Whether shopping for private labeling or contract manufacturing, communication is critical. Discuss your company’s situation with potential partners and see if they are open to exploring creative solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Internally, work to perfect your precision in forecasting future sales, which helps to determine the optimal order quantity. The goal is to minimize excess inventory while meeting customer demands. Consider variations in the delivery forms of certain products. For example, opt for a powder instead of a chew as you start building your client base.

Talk to our expert team today to learn more about our low MOQs, our options for product delivery formats, and how we can help you launch and grow your business.


Understanding and planning for MOQs is crucial as you launch or grow your pet supplement business. Take the time to meet with as many manufacturers as possible in order to find the perfect fit for your brand. 

Reach out to one of our customer success representatives to learn more about ways to save money using different ingredients, formats, and packaging, all with only the highest quality of ingredients for our pets.

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