5 Ways To Get Your Pet Supplements to Market Quicker

Written By: Pet Tech Labs Team

Bringing a new pet supplement to market is an exciting but complex process. Brands must complete many steps before their products reach customers and their pets. These steps involve everything from choosing high-quality ingredients to designing a stylish label. 

Some brands can complete these steps in a few months, while others take years to launch their supplements. Time to market can significantly impact your profits, so streamlining this process is essential. Fortunately, there are many ways to accelerate your pet supplement launch, starting with choosing the right products and partners. 

1. Review Pet Supplement Trends

The pet supplement market is evolving as customers search for new ways to improve their pets’ well-being. Keeping up with the latest trends will give you insights into where the market is headed. You can use this knowledge to identify new opportunities and quickly capitalize on trends. 

Here are three of the latest pet supplement trends

  • Antioxidants: Between 2021 and 2023, the number of customers who associate antioxidants with positive health benefits increased from 16% to 43%.[1] This growing awareness may lead to a surge in demand for antioxidant-rich pet supplements. 

  • Digestive supplements: The demand for digestive pet supplements has soared. Postbiotics are one of the most trendy products in this category. 

  • Sustainability: Many pet owners care about their environmental footprint and want to support brands with the same values. You can meet this demand by choosing ethically sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging, and upcycled ingredients. 

Reading industry reports can help you monitor these trends. You can also employ social media listening and interview customers to learn about their changing interests and preferences. 

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2. Partner with Pet Supplement Distributors

Building your brand and gaining a loyal following takes time and consistent effort. Collaborating with established pet supplement distributors can speed up this process and help you reach a broader audience. These partnerships can also boost your brand reputation. 

Here are a few potential distributors: 

  • Veterinarians 

  • Pet trainers 

  • Pet influencers 

  • Online pet retailers 

Negotiate favorable terms with pet supplement distributors to accelerate product placement and sales. For example, you could provide commissions or bonuses for high sales. You could also offer exclusive discounts for their customers. 

3. Outsource Your Pet Supplement Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of creating a pet supplement. You need the right equipment, knowledge, and staff to produce top-quality supplements. 

Save time and money by partnering with a manufacturer with a reputation for consistency and quality. They have the operations and industry expertise needed to bring your products to market quickly. A seasoned manufacturer can also scale up production if the demand for your product skyrockets. 

The type of formula you choose also impacts the manufacturing turnaround time. There are two main options: 

  • Private-label pet supplements are existing products that you label with your brand. For example, a manufacturer may develop a generic joint supplement that five different clients sell under their own brands.

  • Custom formulas are made from scratch for specific clients, or allow clients to make adjustments to existing generic formulas. For instance, you could ask the manufacturer to develop a unique calming supplement with a trending ingredient just for your brand.

Custom formulas take longer to get to market because the manufacturer must carefully research, develop, and test them. You can skip these steps by choosing private-label supplements that have already gone through these phases. This option significantly speeds up the production process and requires less upfront investment.

4. Plan for Pet Supplement Regulations

Brands must follow strict pet supplement regulations before launching new products. Two bodies oversee these products in the United States: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). 

The FDA only allows the use of approved animal food additives or generally-recognized-as-safe ingredients for pet supplements. Manufacturers must petition the FDA for approval to use new ingredients that don’t fit into these categories. The FDA also requires brands to label pet supplements accurately and not make unapproved drug claims. 

Additionally, brands should adhere to AAFCO standards. For example, the organization requires companies to use unadulterated ingredients. The AAFCO also prohibits businesses from using misleading language on supplement labels, such as “human-grade” and “veterinarian-approved.” 

An experienced manufacturer will help you understand and comply with these regulations. You can also streamline the regulatory approval process by creating and compiling necessary documentation, including quality control records and ingredient specifications. Finally, familiarize yourself with pet supplement regulations and proactively address potential issues to save time. 

5. Build Strategic Partnerships

Expanding your pet supplement brand requires more than just connecting with distributors; it involves cultivating deeper, strategic relationships within the broader pet care ecosystem. Engage with organizations and businesses that complement and enhance your product offerings, leading to mutual benefits.

Consider partnering with the following entities:

  • Pet wellness and rehabilitation centers: These facilities often recommend supplements as part of recovery and wellness regimens, providing a direct route to a targeted customer base.

  • Pet insurance companies: Collaboration could involve these companies offering your supplements as part of their wellness packages, which can increase your brand's credibility and reach.

  • Specialized pet food stores: Establishing connections with high-end pet food stores can place your supplements in a premium market, aligning your brand with quality and exclusivity.

When forming these partnerships, explore innovative collaboration ideas such as joint educational campaigns, bundling products for special offers, and other partnerships to boost your brand’s visibility, trust, and market reach.

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Accelerate Your Pet Supplement Launch

Pet supplement brands can use many strategies to expedite their product launches. Partnering with a reputable manufacturer and established distributors will allow you to fast-track production and reach customers quickly. You can also get a head start by developing strategic collaborations and researching market trends. 

Adopt these strategies today to get a leg up in the competitive pet supplement market. With the proper preparation, you’ll be ready to seize opportunities for rapid market entry and grow your business.

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