What is The Difference Between Private Label Pet Supplements And Custom Formulas?

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Walk down the aisles of any pet supply store, and you’ll likely see dozens of supplements. These products contain various ingredients and support multiple aspects of an animal's health and well-being. Many people assume companies design these supplements from scratch, but that’s not always true: Businesses can choose to sell private-label pet supplements or custom formula supplements. 

Private-label supplements are pre-made formulas developed by a manufacturer and adapted for a specific client. Custom formulas are unique products developed for one specific brand. This article explores the differences between these options and considerations to help you choose the best approach for your business. 

What are Private Label Supplements?

Private-label pet supplements are stock formulas the manufacturer provides to a client to sell under their own branded label. This arrangement lets businesses offer an established, proven product as their own without having to manufacture a unique formula.

Any requested modification to an existing formula changes the scope to a custom formulation rather than a private labeling engagement, which comes with different costs, processes, and timelines. 

The process for private-labeling pet supplements is pretty straightforward. In most cases, companies have a clear idea of what product they want to sell or health category they want to support, like joint or digestive. 

Choose Your Pet Supplement Products

When you begin working with a pet supplement manufacturer, we’ll recommend established products that will help accomplish your goals. We offer a variety of high-quality products, so it’s worth it to spend some time figuring out which products would be the best and most profitable for your business.

Create Your Product Label 

A good supplement label does more than make your logo look nice on the bottle or carton. You also need to ensure the quantity of contents, ingredient information, and your business information is properly and accurately displayed to ensure regulatory compliance. You also need to make certain any structure or function claims about nutrients or the product itself do not run afoul of FDA guidelines. At Pet Tech Labs, our design team can take all the guesswork out and help you create the perfect label for your products.

Place Your Order

Once your label design is approved, it’s time to order the product. Your costs and minimum order quantities (MOQs) should be documented at this stage, so you know what your investment will be as you test the market. You’re almost ready to start selling!

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Pros and Cons of Private Label Supplements

Private label supplements have several key benefits:

  • No need to invest in the creation and testing of a brand-new supplement, which has a higher upfront cost
  • Get your product to market faster so you can accelerate your return on investment
  • The confidence that you’re delivering a proven, top-selling product to pet owners.

This approach does have a few limitations, though. 

First, other retailers may sell similar products from the same manufacturer, making it difficult to differentiate your supplement. You also have no control over the formula of private-label pet supplements, because you must depend on the manufacturer’s original formulation. 

What Are Custom Formula Pet Supplements?

Custom formulas are unique products developed for and owned by individual companies. 

These clients want to create customized supplements for their target buyers and fill a gap in the market. These engagements may include completely new products, or modified versions of existing private-label products. Any alteration of an established product’s formula is considered a custom formulation, which changes the scope, costs, and timeline involved. 

When it comes to creating custom formulas, most brands opt for contract manufacturing pet supplements with a reputable provider rather than investing in their own research and manufacturing infrastructure, which is a sizable investment.

The process of creating a custom formula really begins with outlining your vision for the product, followed by determining the most feasible way to create it. Your pet supplement manufacturer will need to explore your cost threshold, supplement formats and flavors, preferred ingredients, and other factors.

Research & Development

Once we know what you’re looking for, your pet supplement manufacturer will work with nutrition experts to design and test different formulas to find the right balance of ingredients and potency, palatability, and cost.

It’s worth noting that MOQs and costs vary among pet supplement manufacturers, and the format of the supplement (like granules, chews, and liquids) can have a big impact on cost. Providers may be able to find ways to reduce your out of pocket cost by exploring alternative formats for your pet supplements. 

Production & Testing

After the formula and packaging requirements have been finalized, your pet supplement manufacturer will determine a new estimate of costs and MOQs for your approval. 

We will also provide a sample of the new product for your team to review to ensure your vision for the supplement has been realized. Our third-party testing and quality assurance processes ensure your product meets industry standards. 

Production & Distribution

When production is complete, some providers will take the extra step of distributing the product to your retail partners, including Amazon distribution centers. This is a nice touch that removes certain logistics-related responsibilities from your shoulders.

Pros and Cons of Custom Formula Supplements

Custom formula supplements allow companies to create proprietary blends and specialized formulas that stand out from competitors and can serve unique niches in the market. This option also gives companies more control over ingredients and quality. 

This approach also has some drawbacks: custom formula supplements have higher development costs and require extensive research and testing, leading to a longer development timeline.

Is Private Label or Custom Formulation Better for Your Business?

There are several factors to consider when deciding between custom formulas and private label pet supplements.

Start by assessing your customer needs and how well they can be met by products on the market today. If your ideal buyer has specific health concerns or pain points that existing products cannot address, you may prefer to work with a manufacturer to create a custom formula. 

You should also evaluate your budget and timeline. Companies with limited resources may prefer the convenience, ease, and speed of choosing private-label pet supplements.

Then, it’s best to look for a reputable pet supplement manufacturing partner. Once you’ve found a suitable manufacturer, you should discuss MOQs, processes, and production timelines. We will be able to work with you to decide whether private label or custom formulas may be your best bet.

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Grow Your Brand With Private Label or Custom Formula Pet Supplements

Private-label supplements offer convenience, affordability, and proven quality. Custom formula supplements allow you to provide exclusive and innovative products. 

Your business goals, brand identity, and target audience can help you choose the best approach. You should also seek professional advice from veterinarians, supplement manufacturers, and other experts. By thoroughly researching your options, you can take your business to the next level and provide quality products that support the well-being of pets.

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